8 Best 9×9 Baking Pans On the Market (2022)

Do you want to know who the game changer is when it comes to baking goods in your kitchen? Yes, it’s you and the baking equipment that you use, especially the pan that has the honor of carrying your delicious cake batter to the oven and out.

Getting your ingredients ready, whether they are for a cake or a casserole, is the easiest part of your baking experience. What actually makes or breaks your baking game is the pan that you deem perfect for use inside your blazing oven. But is it, though? This is when 9×9 Baking Pans come into the scene.

These pans not only make your life easier, they are also the perfect size. From a beginner to a pro, these baking pans cater to everyone’s needs regardless of what they’re baking. Listed down below are the Best 9×9 Baking Pans there are in the market. We tried them all, so you would not have to.

If you ask us, our personal preference would always be Glass Baking Dish with Lid by OXO. Not to say that the others are not good enough, but this borosilicate dish takes the cake (pun intended). The clear glass of the pan adds a chic touch to the whole scene, taking your baking game to a whole new level. The best part of this pan is that it serves a multipurpose; a baking pan, a storage container, and a serving dish.

8 Best 9×9 Baking Pans

Black Aluminum 9×9 Baking Pan by Topenca Black Aluminum 9×9 Baking Pan by Topenca
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Chef’s Classic 9 Inch Non-stick Pan by Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 9 Inch Non-stick Pan by Cuisinart
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Wilton 9×9 Pan with Lid (Set of 2) Wilton 9×9 Pan with Lid (Set of 2)
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European Grade Silicone Pan by Mrs. Anderson’s Baking European Grade Silicone Pan by Mrs. Anderson’s Baking
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Norpro Springform Warp-Resistant Pan Norpro Springform Warp-Resistant Pan
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Non-Stick Square 9×9 Cake Pan by OXO Non-Stick Square 9×9 Cake Pan by OXO
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Glass Baking Dish with Lid by OXO Glass Baking Dish with Lid by OXO
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Non-Stick Pan (Set of 2) by G&S Non-Stick Pan (Set of 2) by G&S
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1. Black Aluminum 9×9 Baking Pan by Topenca

Black Aluminum 9×9 Baking Pan by Topenca

I feel like it’s high time to reevaluate your life choices and really ask yourself: WHY DON’T YOU HAVE THIS PRODUCT? This 9-inches pan is your best friend as it is one of the best 9×9 baking pans in the kitchen if you are looking for a stainless and non-corrosive pan to bake in. All you need is this single pan to carry all kinds of sweet goodness that you are craving.

Its black color will not only make your kitchen look classy but it will also help in retaining heat for much longer to keep your cakes moist and warm while you contemplate over which dish you want to serve your cake in.

Made with aluminum, this pan has a detachable base which makes the work of dishing out and decorating the baked goods super easy as it will save you the hassle of poking your knives at the edges to help you release the item.

This detachable base is held together to the sides with the help of a sturdy steel buckle making the pan leak-proof. Its ridged sides help in giving the pan extra surface area. Its deep base will be your container for around 7-cups of batter.

This pan is very convenient to clean even after hours of usage as it is dishwasher-friendly. The black non-stick coating is scratch-proof which improves the durability of the product manifolds. Its solid walls would not easily cave in or dent either so you will have no reason to worry about the pan messing up.

In case, if you still come to a realization that the pan isn’t for you, then not to worry because Topenca offers a 30-day return and refund guarantee, no questions asked.

  • Stainless
  • Non-Stick
  • Aluminum – Retains heat
  • 30-Day Return & Refund
  • Detachable Base
  • Non-Corrosive and Scratch-Proof
  • Dishwasher-Friendly
  • No PTFE or PFOAs
  • Measurements of the pan can vary
  • The coating might chip off after consistent use

2. Chef’s Classic 9 Inch Non-stick Pan by Cuisinart

Chef’s Classic Non-stick 9x9 Baking Pan by Cuisinart

Your expertise in the kitchen only show if you are equipped with the correct products and utensils while you cook. This Best 9×9 Baking Pan will make the job easier for you as well as make you look like a professional baker even if you are just a beginner. Armed with a long list of pros, this non-stick pan is sure to be your go-to. After all, its chef’s favorite for a reason.

This pan is not limited only to baking cakes so it can be used for baking a number of items. It is made of bulky aluminized steel. Its well-built frame gives a firm hold to your batter, avoiding creating a mess inside your oven.

The material of the pan promises even distribution of heat throughout which means that you will not have to worry about your cake being undercooked in the middle while the edges are crusty from overheating.

Moreover, the interior as well as the exterior of the pan is completely non-stick. This makes the release of the dish from the pan as well as the cleaning process extremely easy.

The edges of the pan are rolled, giving it a thick appearance. The thickness helps in preventing the bending of the sides of the pan, giving the pan a longer life. So the pans are not only here for a good time, they are here for a long time too.

  • Heavy Gauge
  • Even heat distribution
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Thick edges
  • Versatile
  • Non-stick
  • Aluminized steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Water maybe retained while washing
  • The pan may rust over time

3. Wilton 9×9 Baking Pan with Lid (Set of 2)

This set of two 9x9x2 square baking pans is the best deal you will see on the internet today. Not only will these solid pans cater to your baking needs, they will also serve as a storage box for you because guess what? They come with plastic lids on top.

These dishwasher-safe pans are completely safe to be used in the oven as well as a container for your leftover cake to be placed straight into your refrigerator. So out of the window goes your tiresome task of looking for containers to store your baked goods because now all you have to do is to pop the lid on the pan and you are good to go.

This well-built 9×9 Baking Pan with lid are manufactured using the best material there is for pots and pans i.e. rolled steel that when paired together with its silicone polyester non-stick coating is a ticket to a great baking experience.

This non-stick coating assists in the easy release of the baked items which is often an inconvenience. The thick silicone polyester coating is completely safe to use at high temperatures. You will also never have to worry about your pan rusting or the interior of your pan scrapping off.

The pans are completely dishwasher-safe but for best results, it is advised to soak the pans in soapy water overnight to loosen up any crust stuck to the sides so no scrapping off will be required.

This will make the task of cleaning up easier. The deal you are getting here is one of the best ones because you get two baking pans accompanied by plastic lids in almost the price of one. So what are you waiting for?

  • Set of 2
  • Non-Stick interior
  • Comes with lids
  • Great deal
  • Can be used as storage containers
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Rust-safe
  • Can be used at high temperatures
  • May warp after continual use
  • Size may not be appropriate for lasagna

4. European Grade Silicone Pan by Mrs. Anderson’s Baking

European Grade Silicone Pan by Mrs. Anderson’s Baking

We all know that silicone truly is the oven’s best pal. The scrumptiousness of your baked items that a silicone pan helps in maintaining is unmatched. This is why we think this 9×9 Baking Pan will be your new favorite, just like it is ours. So sit back and relax while we tell you why you NEED to have this pan in your kitchen.

This pan is made up of 100% pure silicone without any additive fillers. Silicone bakeware is the newest trend on the market that has taken everyone by a storm. But what is the reason for this craze? Silicone pans require no greasing or oiling and can be used directly as they are. They are safe to be used in the microwave, oven, refrigerator, and freezer.

Mrs. Anderson’s Baking pans do not need any sort of heavy scrubbing or soaking and can be put directly into the dishwasher. These European Grade and FDA approved heat up very quickly, shortening the cooking time.

The silicone heats up evenly when in the oven so your entire cake gets equal heat, making the baking experience hassle-free. This lightweight user-friendly pan will never get rusty nor will it ever get stains.

The flimsy but durable pan can endure up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit of heat which makes it good for almost all your cooking endeavors. To decorate and plate your baked goods, all you have to do is give the pan a little twist and your delicious delights will be released from the pan’s hold. Yes, it really is that easy.

  • Lightweight
  • No greasing required
  • Non-Stick
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • European Grade and FDA approved
  • Equal heat distribution
  • No scrubbing required
  • Easy release
  • Cannot be used at temperatures 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Only available in Cherry Red color

5. Norpro Springform Warp-Resistant Pan

Norpro Springform Warp-Resistant Pan

This versatile and super favorable pan is by Norpro. Within itself, it packs ease and convenience for its users. This metallic grey-colored springform pan is completely warped resistant as it can endure high temperatures inside your oven when you choose this Best 9×9 Baking Pan for your kitchen needs. So needless to say, this pan is manufactured while keeping your needs in mind.

This pan has a sturdy metal grasp that locks the sides to the detachable base of the pan making the utensil essentially leak-proof. This detachable base also makes the releasing process very comfortable as you will not have to twist and turn your pan in order to take out your cakes.

The non-stick interior of the pan ensures the safety of your bakery items. This also means that the interior will never scrape off.

  • Leak-proof
  • Non-Stick
  • Detachable base
  • Warp resistant
  • Easy release
  • Sturdy
  • Does not require greasing
  • Even distribution of heat
  • The pan may get scratches
  • Not dishwasher-friendly

6. Non-Stick Square 9×9 Cake Pan by OXO

Non-Stick Square 9×9 Cake Pan by OXO

Let me get one thing straight: This pan is nothing less than a dream. And it is a dream I can help you achieve. All you have to do is get your hands on this beautiful commercial grade pan and you are good to go for life. Packed with aluminized steel, this pan promises even heat distribution throughout the surface area, which guarantees balanced cooking.

This durable pan is engineered in Switzerland using top of the line technology. The ceramic interior of the pan is reinforced and layered up twice to provide a commercial grade fast heat-up which shortens the bake time overall.

The PTFE interior of this versatile pan does not require greasing at all so it is your ultimate non-stick pan to go for. Because it is not essential to grease the pan beforehand, this, significantly, reduces the chances of the pan being scratched or corroded.

The base of this best 9×9 baking pan is slightly textured which gives your cake a balanced base to stand on. This gives your cake a smooth texture as well as helps the batter of your cake be evenly aerated which makes the cake extremely light and fluffy.

The pan has square edges that are rolled. These rolled edges add extra toughness and firmness to the pan while also assisting the baker in easy control in and out of the oven.

The pan is demarcated on the top so you will not even have to bother yourself with measuring the pan/cake because that deed is already done and dusted for you if you decide to make this pan a part of your kitchen.

You are surely to love this product, but still if you feel like there is a problem with your Non-Stick Square 9×9 Cake Pan, then OXO will be happy to repair or replace your pan for you.

  • Easy release
  • Textured base
  • Marked top
  • Rolled edges
  • Non-stick
  • Even heat distribution
  • Aeration
  • PTFE interior
  • Could get dents
  • Not dishwasher-safe

7. Glass Baking Dish with Lid by OXO

Glass Baking Dish with Lid by OXO

This stunning best 9×9 baking pan is produced using one of the finest materials out there that is borosilicate glass which is chemical resistant and has a low thermal point which means that this material can be used at very high temperatures.

It can hold out against the heat of your oven you use while baking those mouth-watering and appetizing treats. The ability of this dish to withstand heat also warrants the prevention of cracking and breaking of the dish. When we say that this pan will change your life, we truly mean it.

The pan is constructed with easy-grip handles for an uncomplicated hold over the dish and a good grasp. It will assist the baker in taking the dish out from the oven as well as putting it in the freezer. Using the handles, this dish is fully capable of being your friend even on the dinner table as you can use it to serve your flavorsome goodies. Since the glass of the dish is clear, it just adds extra class to the pan.

The lid of the pan is BPA-free and it fits perfectly on top of the dish. The sturdiness of the lid prevents any spillage of food inside the refrigerator. The lid is formulated in such a way that it will never compress or flatten out the food that you put inside the dish. This also applies to the storage of food which you can do with ease.

This dish is overall safe to be used in the microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, and freezer. It is BPA-free as well as PVC-free. This makes this dish one of its kind and something that you should definitely get your hands on. As always, OXO offers a replacement or repair policy that will serve you right in case of a problem.

  • Borosilicate glass
  • BPA and PVC free
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Easy-grip handles
  • BPA-free lid
  • Prevention against cracking
  • Replace or Return policy
  • Can serve as a storage container
  • May require greasing
  • Lid has 4 holes on top which might be a problem for some

8. Non-Stick 9 x 9 Baking Pan (Set of 2) by G&S

Non-Stick 9x9 Baking Pan (Set of 2) by G&S

When it comes to kitchen items, how are you even living without one of the best products out there in the market? This pan is your guide to become the talk of the town! As simple as it looks and as easy as it sounds, this right here is one of the prime items you need in your kitchen. At the price of one, you get two of the Best 9×9 Baking Pans out there.

A reliable material, steel, is infused in its core structure that not only provides your food with optimum heat but a non-stick experience as well. So you do not have to worry about cleaning, only one swipe makes everything clean. With its square handy shape, baking tons of products won’t even be a problem!

With its proud manufacturer in the USA, nothing but quality is guaranteed in this wonderful item. And even if you face some issue, a 5 year warranty will cover it all. All you will have to do is to send it to G&S Metal Products Company a get a replacement. Two 9 inch square pans are included in this set to make your cooking experience, an adventure in itself!

  • Set of 2
  • Easy to Clean
  • 5 year warranty
  • Optimum heat retention
  • Non-stick
  • Easy release
  • May become rusty after a few uses
  • Not a dishwasher-safe

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many serving does a 9×9 Baking Pan equal to?

Ans. A 9×9 square baking pan is generally considered to be a standard size all over the baking industry. The capacity of the 9×9 pan to hold batter is around 8 cups. This amount of batter is more than enough to serve around 40 guests. So the answer is; a total of 40 servings can be included in a 9×9 square baking dish.

2. How does the pan size affect the baking time?

Ans. When the size of your pan is increased, meaning you start using a bigger pan, you are essentially increasing the surface area of your pan. Hence, more of your liquid ingredients are exposed at the surface. This leads to quicker evaporation which means the cake bakes quicker.

3. Does the color of the pan matter?

Ans. Yes, the color of the pan definitely matters. Dark colors have the tendency to get heated up quicker and retain that heat far more than any light color would. This also means that the chances to burn your food are higher in dark colored pans as compared to light ones. The solution to this is that just lower the temperature by 25-degrees when using a dark colored pan.

4. What is the volume of a 9×9 pan?

Ans. The volume of a 9×9 pan is around 8 cups. This means that the pan can carry around 8 cups of batter within itself before baking, which amounts to around a total of 40 servings.

5. How many quarts is 9×9 baking dish?

Ans. A 9×9 baking dish basically means that it is 9-inches in length and width, giving it a square appearance. After conversion, 9 inches come up to about 2- ½ (two and a half) quarts.

Final Verdict

All the aforementioned dishes are, according to us, the Best 9×9 Baking Pans that you will find in the market. You definitely need these if you truly want to embrace the true essence of the baking game because what is a fighter without his trusted weapon anyway? Nothing. So prepare yourself for the life changing experience you will have once you use these (you can thank me later).

We hope you found these 9×9 Baking Pan Reviews helpful. If you have decided to buy even one of these pans, then it means our job here is done. Ciao!

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