8 Best End Grain Cutting Board Reviews

These best end grain cutting boards are composed of a lot of precious time, skill reaching for the sky, and unbeatable craftsmen’s investment. Kitchens that throw a fascinating and attractive look usually are home to a variety of tools like good quality boards for cutting and chopping.

Such end grain cutting boards are made by pieces of hardwood which are attached together forming a chequerboard pattern.

Best end grain cutting board do not only make the cutting easier but it also adds to the presentation of your kitchen. In this way, chores do get a lot interesting especially when you are enjoying refreshing background music in the form of a shrieking scold from your mom (I am mostly forced to listen to this music whenever I am working in the kitchen).

Woodberg professional block cutting board is highly recommended from our side. It is a composition of all those features and parts which have always been in the ‘demanded’ list of people. It is large enough, contains juice grooves, can heal the cuts by its own self and most of all it is one of the most used by chefs and restaurants around the globe. Both of the sides can be put underuse and these sides are made up of some safe species of wood.  

Anyways, there is a list of best end grain cutting boards as you will scroll down. This will provide stone proof of how good they have been performing and how much more attention they deserve in the future.

What are the Best End Grain Cutting Boards?

Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Walnut Cutting Board Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Walnut Cutting Board
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Daddy Chef End Grain Wood Cutting Board Daddy Chef End Grain Wood Cutting Board
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Michigan Maple End Grain Chopping Block Michigan Maple End Grain Chopping Block
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Woodberg Professional Block Cutting Board Woodberg Professional Block Cutting Board
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Mevell Walnut End Grain Cutting Board Mevell Walnut End Grain Cutting Board
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Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia
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Ironwood Gourmet Large End Grain Ironwood Gourmet Large End Grain
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Lipper International Teak Wood Cutting Board Lipper International Teak Wood Cutting Board
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1. Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Walnut Cutting Board

Sonder Los Angeles Large End Grain Walnut Cutting Board

The size of it is a 17x13x1.5 inch which reflects the sufficiently large surface for food cutting. No wonder it has been in great demand among all the other boards in the market.

It has the self-healing feature which is by far the most unique and that is why this board stands out. This feature works in an extremely intelligent manner and heals the cuts put by your knife. Your board might get multiple cuts during the cutting process but by a blink of an eye they are gone!!

This is the best affordable end grain wood cutting board and is constructed in a way so as to provide multiple services. It can act as a kitchen beauty booster and as a good quality cutting board.

There are three integrated compartments eventually adding to your convenience. These sections can hold chopped onions, sliced chilies and all your cutting results. These built-in compartments can also be used for proper serving sprinkling a shine of hospitality.

It is not yet the end of these surprising features!! They also have integrated hand grippers which help the user to hold it tightly either with wet or dry hands.

There are removable and tiny rubber feet which keeps the board away from slipping off the counter. You don’t need to worry about the counter being wet or dry because the grip remains strong.

The manufacturers have no doubt prioritized the demands of most of the customers and have made sure to make juice grooves so that extra juice flows off. If you are craving for some beef and chilies then do not hesitate before making this board a surface of cutting.

There has been a careful selection of black walnut to provide you with a highly durable cutting board. The sky high quality of hardwood has no doubt assisted this board in acquiring a position in our list of end grain cutting board reviews.

Like every other board this product also demands oiling every 3 weeks. If washed and maintained properly then no doubt this will turn out to be the most loyal kitchen tool of yours.

  • Juice grooves are present
  • The black walnut surface is anti-bacteria and germs
  • Properly integrated hand grippers
  • Removable rubber feet at the surface below
  • Cost-effective
  • Frequent oiling is needed

2. Daddy Chef End Grain Wood Cutting Board

Daddy Chef End Grain Wood Cutting Board

A highly geared hard wood is used which is mostly oak extracted from organic oak trees. Strong and sticky glue is used to make sure the sturdiness of the board.

Most important is the safety and hygiene which is also considered during the manufacturing of this end grain cutting board.

The juice groove is attached along with the board clearing all complains from the user’s end. This juice groove stops the juice or any sort of waste water to spread all over your counter or drop on the floor.

We usually apply tons of cream on our faces to keep them away from cracks or dryness. It is surprising that this board does not demand any such protocol and keeps itself hydrated.

It can act as a token of love in the form of a gift. Nothing can be more special than a perfect surface for cutting for foodies. Not just this but instead of collecting a stock of trays you can do the serving of salad or clear wine on this board.

There are tiny feet attached which provide a grip good enough to keep it stable on the counter top.

  • Highly durable
  • Good quality raw material has been used
  • Is reversible and both sides can be used
  • Removable rubber-made feet
  • Cleaning is easier than your expectations
  • Proves your investment to be worthy
  • The size might turn smaller for larger food pieces
  • Absence of integrated handles

3. Michigan Maple End Grain Chopping Block

Michigan Maple End Grain Chopping Block

It is made up of handpicked maple proving to be of high quality. Moreover, the certification of NSF backs our claim of this board being safe and of good quality so there are no questions raised.

It can also act as a good decoration showpiece. The pattern made gives a good look to your kitchen. It carries a thickness of 3-1/2 inches and the remaining measurements of 20 by 15 inches show that this board is no doubt of a big size.

The folks who have used this board have been highly satisfied with its performance. They pat themselves on their backs as an act of appreciating themselves that they have done a great job in choosing the board they have.

  • Cleaning session will be surrounded by comfort
  • Strong body carrier
  • A good choice for a gift
  • Durable enough
  • Long living
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • A great example of determining craftsmanship
  • Might be a little too heavy

4. Woodberg Professional Block Cutting Board

Woodberg Professional Block Cutting Board

It is one of the most professionally used boards in the market. Mostly they are high held by chefs and top standard restaurants which are really very careful when it comes to how professional the results will turn out to be.

As great people say that actions are more powerful than words. Woodberg has not only talked highly about this best end grain cutting board but has proved it by its performance too.

Your knife will remain sharper as before. Blunting is just a stage which is guaranteed to get further far away as soon as you bring this board home. When the wood fibers get cut in a parallel manner they heal by their own. 

The size is about 24×18 inches. It is wide enough and can carry huge pieces of meat or any other type of food. Maybe that is the reason this product has made its place in our end grain cutting boards reviews.

Juice groove is present making the number of problems and complaints from your side to drop. The juicy pieces of meat or chicken can now me minced even on this board without any sign of hesitation!!

It is reversible. This means that both of the sides can be used for the purpose of cutting. In this way you can use one side for veggies and maybe other one for white meat to get rid of the mixing of the smell or the juice released.

It is not yet the end of its jaw-dropping features!! Now just wait and watch…… This product also contains three built-in sections which marks one more benefit of having this product. Now it can also be used as a serving tray!!

Pure and naturally derived wood has been used to compose it. Usually European Ash is prioritized and then used by its manufacturers because of its non-bacterial and non-allergenic nature.

  • Thick board adds to its strength
  • Integrated handles for hand gripping
  • Presence of juice grooves
  • Highly durable
  • Can be gifted without hesitation
  • Cleaning the surface is easy
  • Might turn your expenses for the year heavy
  • The rubber feet can only keep away one surface from slipping

5. Mevell Walnut End Grain Cutting Board

Mevell Walnut End Grain Cutting Board

It has been completely manufactured from pure black walnut wood. This hardwood blesses it with long life and makes it durable. There are proper and objective inspections made in order to test this board.

To further reduce the grudges that you might have against many of the boards it provides you the chance to enjoy the presence of juice grooves.

It is one of those end grain cutting boards which can be reversed. This means both of the sides can be used so if you are too lazy to wash the side and then use it for different food products then you can make use of the other side.

Singers decorate their music rooms to turn them up to the mark and foodies also choose to do the same. The experience of working in an elegantly designed kitchen can be achieved by bringing one of these boards at your home. The dark grained wooden board decreases the dullness of the kitchen.

Unexpected guests at the time of festivities usually demand for more serving platters. You just have to worry about what has to be served on those platters because if you are already enjoying cutting on this board then you can use it as a serving platter too!!

  • Elegant looking board
  • Juice grooves are present
  • There are tiny feet attached to make it stable
  • Cleaning it is just like a piece of a cake
  • Can act as a serving platter
  • Gift it and you won’t regret
  • The feet can only provide stability to one surface
  • Juice catching grooves are not on all sides

6. Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board

It is almost 2 inches thick which adds to the durability. Broken board in two pieces is now something you should leave in the past.

There are 2 on the either side integrated handles which helps in gripping the board. Whether your hands are covered with oil or dry flour no one can make the board slip from your hands.

Buy as much expensive knives as you want because this board has shown a promising performance without blurring the knives. But promises are meant to be broken!! Just kidding, Hardwood chef knows how to keep promises and will not let you grumble and complain.

You do not need to spend an extra amount of time on rubbing the dried juice off the counter tops. Because the presence of juice grooves will make your life easier by catching all the liquid before it makes your counter dirty.

Acacia wood has been used in manufacturing this board. No doubt shimmering and an eye catching unique pattern is in its nature.

It is said that a good carpenter always blames his tools but I would say a good chef always blames his kitchen design because it is only these unique kitchen equipments that make the kitchen beautiful and motivating for the chef.

If ordered from Amazon then they will provide it wrapped in butcher paper. This proper wrapping helps this board touch the boundaries of customer satisfaction.

It is better to spend money one time and buy something luxurious and long lasting. One time investment means buying the product one time but if you would invest again and again on other plastic boards then that is absolutely waste of money and time.

  • The measurements are 16x 12 x 1 ¾ inch
  • Sharp knife friendly
  • Splitting into two pieces is the thing of past
  • Built-in handles
  • Wrap and gift it
  • Clean it once and get the results twice
  • Oiling and then drying is necessary

7. Ironwood Gourmet Large End Grain Wood Cutting Board

Ironwood Gourmet Large End Grain Wood Cutting Board

End grain wood material keeps the board away from wear and tear. This eventually means that a long life is guaranteed, not of you but of this board!!

It can also act as a prep station or prep space. This multi- purpose has won many hearts around the globe by acting as a board and simultaneously as a prep board. You can set things in a proper manner on this board and use it as a kitchen prep station.

Warm soapy water is just needed for the cleaning purpose. There is absolutely no rocket science when it comes to cleaning this best end grain cutting board.

The Acacia wood has been used for the manufacturing of this everlasting cutting board. This type of hardwood is liked and is popular for having natural contrasting patterns and this will absolutely turn a dull kitchen into a less valuable copy of Jason Momoa.

  • Cleaning is easier than other boards
  • Sturdy enough to remain loyal to you for a long time
  • Is absolutely giftable
  • Throws a good piece of word craftsmen
  • Is durable enough
  • Made up of Acacia hardwood
  • Can be used as a prep station
  • Oiling is a demanding action

8. Lipper International Teak Wood End Grain Kitchen Cutting Board

Lipper International Teak Wood end grain Kitchen Cutting Board

It is made up of hardwood end grain. This provides it a good protection body which blesses it with durability. It is thick enough and is merciful on your sharp knife blades. Blur knives will no more be found on your knife rack.

Having a smaller kitchen and cannot accommodate a large board? No worries because this board has especially been made for smaller kitchen counters. Now you can also enjoy the luxury of having best end grain cutting boards.

The wood used has a natural touch of golden shade. This makes the appearance more attractive and elegant. The end grains form an impressive pattern on the surface turning itself best for those who are fond of décor.

Teak wood contains naturally found oil. This makes it suitable for use inside your home and even outside. The oil found in this material keeps the board away from any ugly looking cracks and from drying out.

This product has been backed with Forest Stewardship Council certification. The certification can turn your trust on this product as hard as a stone and as immovable as a moon.

This board can be used for the cutting and chopping of different vegetables. The oil or moisture excreted during the process from the veggies is then utilized by the board in healing the cuts put by the merciless sharp knives.

Around all four sides the juice catching grooves have been carved. This keeps you counter away from smelly liquid excreting during the slicing of meat etc.

It measures 12 inches x 8 inches x 1. These measurements provide room for some other work on the countertop as this board takes less space on your counter.

  • Small in size so can fit on smaller counters
  • Maintenance is not highly needed
  • Durability is high enough to last long
  • Hard-wearing
  • The look is highly refined
  • Gift it to a newly married couple and wait for their reaction
  • Might not be safe to clean it in a dishwasher
  • The small size cannot allow large pieces of food to be catered
  • Absence of integrated hand gripping handles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q1) Why should I choose end grain cutting boards?

Ans) They are marked to be the most durable and have earned the crown of being knife-friendly. Moreover, it has learned the art of healing the cuts by itself unlike the plastic boards.

Q2) Will these best end grain cutting board get cracks on the surface?

Ans) These end grain cutting boards have the ability to heal the cuts put by your knife. But the thing that should be taken into notice by you is that you will have to oil the boards so that they won’t dry out.

Q3) How thick should such type of boards be?

Ans) Thickness changes as the board changes. All the above boards mentioned have the standard thickness perfect for any type of user. Just select any one the above and you won’t get the chance of complaining.

Q4) Which type of cutting boards are the most hygienic?

Ans) Boards made out of wood have turned out to be taking care of the hygiene of its users. They are organically grown and are naturally found clean.


We hope things would have taken an easy turn for you after going through these lists of best end grain cutting boards. End grain boards have no doubt been able to make space in people’s hearts and have proved to be the steps of a ladder towards good food preparation.

By the way, you can assume this list as “best serving platters” or “best kitchen equipment for décor” too because no doubt these boards have shown to be playing the role of both. Add anyone the above in the Amazon cart and see what surprises you will walk into!! Say a warm Bye Bye to your older board from my side too……

Two sorrowful minutes gifted to silence for those who still haven’t decided on any one of the above best end grain cutting boards.

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