Best Panini Press 2022 – Our Top 7 Picks

Is a new panini press something you’d want to get for your kitchen?
You’ve landed at the right place! Here we’re going to review the best panini presses of 2022, so stick around.
The panini press does two things: it keeps the sandwich together and presses it, while another piece of equipment heats it. It’s convenient to have a press like this around for those times when you want to make a panini or other grilled sandwich on the stovetop or in the oven.

When considering acquiring a panini press, the following expert advice may be enough to convince you that this equipment is worth the (relatively modest) cost and the space it takes up in your kitchen cabinet.

1. The Cuisinart GR-300WSP1 Elite Griddler

The sear feature, which can achieve temperatures of up to 500°F for up to 2 minutes at a time, and a large 240 square inch grilling surface are all essential features.
Nonstick frying plates, that are dishwasher safe, are included in the box, as well as a scraping tool, an instruction manual, and recipes for your pleasure.
Troubleshooting instructions and questions concerning warranty terms come in the user manual, which is BPA-free. This product comes with a three-year warranty.

Easy to useGriddle plate edges may get quite hot
Cooks evenly and properly
Extremely adaptable
Searing function is quite efficient

2. The Wolf Gourmet Precision Electric Griddle (WGGR100S)


You may broil, roast, sauté, simmer, and soften food with perfect confidence on the great nonstick 204-square-inch cooking surface in Wolf Gourmet Electric Griddle.

As the temperature rises, it becomes very even. Precision heating components have been integrated into the cast aluminum cooking surface, which is unusually thick. In this way, it is possible to maintain a constant temperature and uniformly distribute heat.

Steaming is a breeze thanks to the stainless steel lid. The one-of-a-kind lid with vents allows you to steam a variety of foods, including vegetables, seafood, and more since it keeps out both heat and moisture.


The temperature control knob may be used to regulate the temperature between 150°F and 450°F.

Limited warranty: Wolf Gourmet goods are covered for five (5) years from the date of purchase, saying that the items are free of defects in materials and workmanship.

Simple to cleanThe heating dials do not have a basic temperature setting
Attractive design
Cooks excellently and evenly
Heats up quickly – fast and convenient

3. The Yedi Total Package 6-in-1 Digital Indoor Grill, Waffle Maker, Panini Press, and Griddle, along with the Deluxe Accessory Kit


You have to adjust top and bottom temperatures separately. This grill is very fast to heat up! It includes a dishwasher-safe drip pan, and the temperature controls include Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Two egg rings and two spatulas/tongs are kitchen essentials. Yedi grills feature two silicone egg rings. Egg rings create ideal sunny-side-up eggs or pancakes. Yedi also offers an attachment for lifting and turning fragile dishes and draining cooking liquids and oil for healthier meals.

With Yedi’s GRILL, GRIDDLE, and WAFFLE PLATES, you’ll get a spatula/tong that’s free of BPA and can withstand high temperatures. There are three options available for each grill: a reversible grill, a griddle, and pancake plates. All of these plates are PFOA-free dishwasher safe. The plates are 12.7 inches wide and 8.8 inches high. Yedi grill offers a 2-year money-back guarantee if you have any issues with your purchase during the first two years after making it.

Simple to cleanThe heating dials do not have a basic temperature setting
Attractive design
Cooks excellently and evenly
Heats up quickly – fast and convenient

4. A Silver Waring Commercial WFG300 Panini Grill

This panini grill has a compatible size. It measures 23.25 by 19.25 by 13.75, which makes it a good option for your kitchen.

It has got a stainless steel brushed body and detachable drip Tray. The Ottimo Twin Flat Grill is created in Italy by Ottimo. Panini sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken, vegetables, and a slew of other dishes taste great when grilled on this grill.

Stainless steel handles can withstand high temperatures, as well as flat cast iron plates, that can compress or grill food.

With a NEMA 6-20P plug and a 240-volt AC power rating, 3200 watts of power and 13 amps, this device is approved by the U.L., cUL, and NSF.

Includes flexible cast-iron flat platesNo temperature control
Features heat-resistant handles with ready indicator lights
Removable drip tray

5. The Taylor Swoden 1600W Electric Indoor Grill

Allow yourself to have Versatile Cooking Choices.

Using this bakeware, you may create six various cooking methods, including the following: broil, lower grill, bottom grill, and three temperature control choices (Upper Broil/Lower Grill/Bottom). Griddle, panini press, full griddle, and half griddle fall in this category. You may thaw, reheat, barbeque, or sear your food in menu mode. This portable panini press has a grilling area of 200 square feet. So, you have got space to grill many sandwiches altogether.

A digital display controls the 1600W high-power output with continual heating technology. Digital controls enable precise time and temperature adjustments. The Time (30 seconds to 60 minutes) and Temp (175 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) buttons adjust the temperature. Four colored indicator lights make it simple to monitor preheating, preparation, cooking, and finishing.

Taylor Swiden panini maker has a non-stick coating and is easy to clean.

PFOA and BPA-free coating and material protect your health. Reversible nonstick frying plates drain oil into a drip tray. This prevents drips and simplifies cleanup. Indoor electric grills are dishwasher safe.

Security Assurance and Assistance

Taylor Swoden’s stainless steel panini machine comes with an instruction booklet and a cookbook. A 1-year warranty and an in-house customer support team ensure that you can buy with confidence. You should watch an accompanying Product Video and User Manual that comes with the product.

Extremely versatileBottom plate stays less hot than the top plate
Non-stick Coating
Easy to use and keep clean
Modern design

6. Panini Maker by iSiLER


You can quickly create a delicious meal with a high output of 1200 W and technology that offers uniform heating. Even if you’re always on the go, this is a great way to get your fix of authentic grilled food.

Cooking time reduces by half thanks to the grill’s two large flat cooking plates, each measuring 27.8 x 17 cm (10.9 x 6.9 in). This grill can be used to grill anything from hamburgers to steaks, paninis to vegetables, and everything in between thanks to the grill’s two large flat cooking plates, each of which opens to 180 degrees.


The non-stick frying plates are made of food-grade aluminum and provide reliable use. They let you have crisp and golden brown panini. Thanks to the clever installation of an oil outlet you can easily get rid of grease and food debris.


Intelligent temperature control avoids overheating and the heating temperature won’t surpass the predetermined setting, keeping your grilled food from being scorched, and offering you a worry-free cooking experience through a Thermostat Control & Safety feature.

This panini grill doesn’t overheat so paninis come out in a nice way. And it offers you intelligent temperature management.


Simply move the switch on the right handle to open and close the top housing. The floating hinge will open and shut smoothly as a result of this.

Fast and even heatingSmall plate size
Simple Switch
Smart thermostat control
Great quality of material
Easy to use and clean

7. The Cuisinart GR-6S Contact Griddler

Pork, poultry, and fish are all Smoke-less Mode’s food categories. You can fold out an additional location for grease drainage on the top plate.

What you get with this panini maker is that the sandwiches come out pretty nice. Plus, they taste just delicious. The temperature management of this panini maker offers you to cook the paninis just how you love them.

Also, it assures that the food comes out just right.

The temperature management and heat control of this appliance is the best.

This model offers a sear function and temperature ranges from 175 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of the DuoControl Heating Advantage, it is possible to regulate the temperatures of the top and bottom plates separately.

Many other kinds of grills are on the market, including a smokeless grill, a contact grill, a panini press, a complete grill, and a half-griddle/half-griddle. But, this one beats them all.

Grills evenlyDoesn’t heat up quickly
Simple to clean and use
DuoControl Heating Advantage
LCD Display and Digital Controls

Wrapping it up!

If you have had any confusion in choosing the right panini press for you, read this article. We have enlisted all the best Panini Press 2022 for you here. Thus, you will have no confusion prevailing in choosing the premium panini press for your kitchen.