8 Most Delicious and Healthy Poblano Pepper Substitutes

Poblano peppers belong to the group of spicy peppers which gives a peppery and spiced flavor to your food. It is originated from Mexico thus it is an important ingredient in most Mexican dishes.

These have lately turned out to be one of the popular types of spice peppers found in the market. They have a high demand in those areas which are densely populated with Mexicans. Chili Rellenos is one of the well-known dishes having Poblano peppers as a principal ingredient. This type of pepper is not so spicy and can be therefore stuffed with vegetables or meat resulting in the invention of many dishes.  

What’s the Best Poblano Pepper Substitute?

There are many other different types of peppers that can take the place of Poblano pepper without any main difference. So, let’s surprise you with a list of Poblano pepper substitutes that will suppress your urge to use Poblano pepper.

1. Anaheim Pepper:

It was named after a city of California even though it was originated from Mexico.

Anaheim pepper is a perfect substitute for Poblano. The only main difference is the hotness or the spiciness. Anaheim pepper is spicier then Poblano pepper.

Irrespective of the difference, you can make the same dishes like stuffed pepper etc. The covering is thick and can carry stuffing. Not just this but it can be sliced or cut into small dice shape and added to your dish for tasting.

 One important thing that you have to consider is the amount of the Anaheim pepper you are using. Because this type of pepper is a little bit sweeter and hot so you need to cut down the amount of it. In this way your food will taste will not be affected with the hotness.

2. Cubanelle:

The size of Cubanelle and Anaheim is almost the same but is the opposite of it. Anaheim was sweeter and spicier then the Poblano pepper on the other hand Cubanelle is 10 times milder then the same. The walls of Cubanelle are thinner than the other two spice peppers and that is why while stuffing the mixture you have to either reduce the amount or handle it gently.

It might not be that might spicier but is no doubt sweeter than the other two types of peppers. So if you love turning your eyes watery and burning your tongue with spice then unluckily this type of chili pepper might not suit you. Slicing or dicing it is also not the suitable thing to do with this type of pepper because the sweet taste of it might not suit the food item.  

Cubanelle is same as if having a happy meal for your kids. It is a non-spicy version of Poblano and milder.

3. Ancho Pepper Chilies:

When the Poblano is ripen and is ready for harvest tghey are left to dry. In short once Poblano pepper chilies get dried they take the form of Ancho chilies. Apparently it seems like there is not much difference between this alternative and the Poblano chilies because these are just the dried version. But in reality there is a difference in the taste of both.

They are sweeter then the Poblano chilies and also they lose some of their spiciness therefore they do not taste strong.

Because they are dried so there is a need to rehydrate them before using it. But if you just want to use them for garnishing then rehydrating the chilies will not be needed.

 4. Bell Peppers:

This is also one of the best substitutes of Poblano pepper. Out of all the other colored bell peppers, green bell pepper is the closest alternative of Poblano pepper.

Like Poblano chilies, bell peppers also have a thick outer covering and a large cavity. This all highlight the fact that bell peppers are the best option for stuffed food items to be made.

The only main difference between the Poblano and the bell peppers is that they are non-spicy thus they give your dish a milder taste than Poblano chilies. The spicy taste can be enhanced either by adding other crushed spices or by adding a small amount of chili pepper powder.

Out of all the other substitutes’ bell pepper is the most popular and can be found easily in every market and everywhere. That is it is commonly used by people like you searching for alternatives.

5. Jalapenos:

According to some people, jalapeno is a type of chili pepper that has high heat content and is the spiciest but is also the most demanded substitute for Poblano pepper. Like Poblano peppers they can be used in stuffing recipes too, in short, due to their thick covering and a large cavity inside the cook can stuff them with any type of filling.

 You can remove the pith and ribs of it which will decrease the degree of hotness and spiciness in it.

6. Cayenne Peppers:

These types of peppers have thin covering and are tall. Because of their long length they don’t carry a large cavity therefore stuffing them with vegetables or meat is not possible.

It is completely okay if you can’t use them in stuffing recipes because they are best as a powdered ingredient to increase the degree of spiciness in your food.

There are a lot of health benefits of cayenne and other types of substitutes for Poblano chili.

1) It boosts the process of digestion

2) It protects you from cancer

3) It uplifts metabolism

4) Helps to reduce pain

5) It helps to avoid high blood pressure

7. New Mexico Chilies:

These chili peppers have almost the same level of spiciness but maybe a little more sweetness. Red Mexico chilies perfect fit in the puzzle of Poblano peppers and we can say that it is like another name for Poblano pepper.   

On the other hand green, Mexican chili can also act as a substitute of garlic and onions. Most of the people prefer toasting these chilies before using them and this only consumes 5 minutes. But you can also directly add them in your food.

8. Guajillo Pepper:

They can be found in dried, powdered or paste form. The guajillo pepper paste can contain some preservatives or additives and may not entirely be natural.

These peppers are found in red and sometimes in dark red color. It is especially loved in salsa, sauces and many other Mexican dishes. These dishes have gained a lot of popularity around the world and are therefore also increasing the demand for such peppers especially guajillo peppers.

The level of spiciness is the same as of jalapeno but a little higher than Poblano. That is why we would suggest you to adjust the amount or the proportion that you are adding in your food.             

How to Choose the Best Poblano Pepper Substitute?

It is an obvious fact that all the alternatives mentioned above cannot be the same from head to toe. There are a few and thin differences between Poblano and other Poblano pepper substitutes which we have mentioned above.

Everyone has a different personal taste which matters when you are choosing an alternative. Not just the taste but the nature of the dish or food item you are planning to make also affect your choice. Let’s take a deeper look at all of those aspects which can impact your choice which you make at the end of the article.

Physical features:

If you love treating your stomach with stuffed pepper chilies then the alternatives which have thick wall and large cavity are the best you can choose. Such peppers are not easy to break and can therefore carry a large amount of vegetable or meat stuffing.

On the other hand if you are interesting in garnishing your dishes or making a spicy sauce then thin walled peppers are the ideal one.

The type of recipe:

This aspect and the one mentioned above revolve around almost the same concept. If you are ready for cooking with a stuffing recipe then the above-mentioned physical features demand your attention too.

If your recipe asks you to dice or slice your pepper then you should choose those which can be sliced and diced easily like Anaheim pepper.

The degree of spiciness you need:

There are many people out there who are not even okay with a slight spiciness. Every alternative carries a different level of hotness. You should first notice the nature of your food item that whether it needs to be extremely spicy or not.

It is not just the nature of your dish which you should consider but also your health. High level of spiciness can cause stomach ache and intestinal problems to those who have sensitive towards spice.

Our Final Say:

We have tried our best to come up with some of the closest alternatives to Poblano pepper. If the aspects or the factors that we have mentioned above are taken into consideration by you then we can assure you that these alternatives will impress you more than the Poblano pepper itself. 

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