How to Clean Baked On Grease From Aluminum Pans

Aluminum is a go-to material for all the best bakeware collections. Getting the best crisp and golden results of your dough is all because of Aluminum-based pans greased with the best cooking oil you prefer.

But right after things went super well there comes a worry. You prepare yourself to gather a lot of energy in order to scrub those aluminum pans. As not only you got your hands on golden buns but also golden grease residue all sticky on the surface.

You were required with a labor force to deal with these sticky pans. At times due to this reason you give up baking. Instead of making your own buns from the scratch of flour, you took a route that you don’t like but you have to and that is getting bakery preserved food.

As no matter how much force you apply to get rid of the burnt grease your aluminum pans will start aging all because of you are deprived of the correct method on how to clean baked-on grease from Aluminum Pans.

How to Clean Baked On Grease From Aluminum Pans: step-by-step guide

Aluminum is a very promising material but on the other hand, it is also very delicate in nature. Reducing the aging of these pans is of the aim because the continuous investment of money can be heartbreak. Here are few mind-full techniques that can give you great help in cleaning the stubborn dirt out of your aluminum pans.

Time to say good bye to arms workout and some elbow pain. And time to bake your passions on the sparkling aluminum pans you wish for. A plus point these techniques are open to solve a lot of cleaning problems with other cook ware also.

Using Cleaning agents:

You can make a wonderful cleaning agent made of baking soda and water to form its paste. Apply this paste on the greased burnt areas. Keep it to rest and do some magic in just 30 minutes.

This will weaken the greasy bonds. After 30 minutes take use of a soft cloth soaked in Luke’s warm water and start scrubbing in circular movements. After rubbing in this pattern wash off the pan and then cleanse it with dish soap and dry it off thoroughly.

Using hot tap water and dish soap:

If you cannot trust on any solutions as at times they do ruin the quality of your pan. So, then all you need is dish washing and running hot water. Your normal everyday dish soap is also quite helpful for how to remove baked on grease only if you apply the correct method.

Add the hot boiling water in your pan so that heat in a form of convection currents generated due to water will help loosen the stubborn bonds of greasy substance. Release a few drops of dish wash soap on a very soft dishwashing sponge. Start scrubbing the surface of the pan in circular movements you will find out that that the grease remains will start to wither off from your favorite aluminum pan. Then wash off the pan with warm water and let it dry.  

Or you do it other way by taking a large bowl fill it with hot water then add some drops of soap, dip your pan fully and completely in that frothy water solution. Give some time for the enzymes in the dish washer to loosen down the greasy bonds.

After that take out, the soaked pan rubs the remains of the grease with the sponge cleanses it off. At times, if you are in hurry and you cannot soak the pan for a longer time. So, you can take use of vinegar solution while removing the remains.

Using cream of tartar:

Aluminum pans can be back to life due to using the cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is the byproduct obtained from winemaking that will surely aid on how to clean aluminum pans. Add water in the cream to form a solution apply that solution to your greasy areas and leave it for 15 minutes. Afterward, take use of a dishwashing pad to scrub the solution thoroughly. Wash off the remains, cleanse them and dry the pan.

Using Acidic solution:

The best acid solutions to your problems are solved through vinegar or lemon juice. Make a fair acidic solution from lemon and vinegar and spread it on your pan. Heat that pan on a low heat for 10 minutes let the solution do its magic with the help of heat.

Then cool down the pan and gently apply the solution with the weakened greasy bonds with the pad. Do not use hard cleaning pads otherwise it will cause discoloration on your pan. After that, you know your drill to wash it off, cleanse and dry it. You can use vinegar and lemon separately also.  

Use of Ketchup:

It might not sound familiar to you as it seems a bit unrealistic but you surely should trust on this. It is also going to help for how to clean baked on grease from pans. As told above acidic solutions are saving us time and power. That same engineering technique is applied here tomatoes are acidic in nature so that is why ketchup can be one of your companions.

You have to practice this method similarly, as you have to apply the ketchup on the pan and let the pan to heat up for 10 minutes. Then let it cool, use a sponge to smear the ketchup more efficiently with a force, and then wash it, cleanse it to dry it.

Use of Baking soda + vinegar:

At first clean and wash your pan to the extent it’s possible and try to remove baked-on grease before you start with the method. Take a bowl and add almost 3 tablespoons of baking soda in the water. Combine this solution to give it a pasty look. Smear this solution of your pan focus on greasy areas.

Let that pan take rest for 30 minutes. Afterward, spray some vinegar solution and give some more rest. Then start scrubbing all the solutions with the greasy surface of the pan with a light soft sponge. Wash the pan, cleanse it and dry it thoroughly so that no water stain left to catch up some dust.

How to Prevent Grease Beforehand?

How to Prevent Grease Beforehand?
How to Prevent Grease Beforehand?

It is always recommended that prevention is better than cure. We all came across this frustrating grease on aluminum situation once in a time. Apart from knowing how to clean baked-on grease from the aluminum pan, we are also looking forward to a magic spell that can help in reducing less greasy mess on our pans at the end of the baking.

Season your pans:

Before taking your pans at its destination level towards oven, use some unsaturated grease for the surface of the pan. It can be in the form of cooking oil, cooking spray, butter etc. The seasoning is required in a very little amount just to form a single thin layer on the surface of the pan. It will create a nice healthy contact with the surface of the pan and your batter.

Use of flour:

Depending on what type and form of batter you are going to bake at times use of oiling only won’t be helpful for that instead we can make use of all-purpose flour. Dust a small amount of flour on your baking pan on your seasoned pan. Your flour will stick on the greasy surface. Give a lateral rotation to your pan so that flour is reaching all the areas in a very even and uniform manner.

Take Notes:

So we are done with two big chunks of important things. Here are some other helping things to cater to your basic thoughts regarding the baking pan:

  • The types and sizes of pan also play an important role in influencing the quality of your baking result.
  • You should study the chemistry between your baking ware and your performance of oven with them
  • Looking for the best material of pan that you should go aluminum made pan. Not pans of all materials give best baking outputs.
  • Investing a good amount of money at once on buying expensive products is better than buying low quality products again and again.
  • One of the indication of a pan being best is it has greater heat resistance. It absorbs the heat and makes use of it effectively on your batter.


Getting rid of the stubbornness of the grease from your aluminum pans were sounding like impossible until this article came into being like a light ray of hope for you all. No more of the gunky mess in your sinks after you are done with baking your favorite items. How to clean baked on grease from aluminum pans turns out to be a very simplistic way.

All you need to do is to apply these methods in the best possible technique with some smarter skills. As you are required to work smarter than to work harder. No need for your human power when you have basic smart ways to help yourself.

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