How to Fix too Much Garlic? You Might be Taking too Much

Those who are new to cooking find their hands shaking when they add ingredients, or keep checking the recipe book for reconfirmation before adding the taste of garlic. As we are taught traditionally that if any ingredient added in excess there is no way turning back. And all you do is to get ready to face weird expressions on the dining table. But the answer to how to fix too much garlic actually exists.

Chopping and crushing of garlic leave a nice smell in the air that chemically increases the happy hormones in your brain. Those excitants can cause a bit trouble with your adding of garlic can cause excess addition in excitement leaving behind all the bitterness in your food as a resultant. Too much garlic does not harm in any way only it ruins the taste of your food.

Worth of Garlic in Kitchen: 

Garlic possesses a pungent and sharp aromatic flavor that can even overpower other flavors of the dish. It is one of the go-to ingredient for almost all of the dishes due to its distinctive odor. It is a universal ingredient that is almost found in all types of cuisines.

Chopped sautéed garlic is found right next to salt for all of the recipes. It increases the worth of your food into 1000 time greater. Garlic also comes with multiple health benefits in them. Garlic can be used in many ways for example crushed chopped, whole clove, powdered etc.

Benefits of Garlic:

Before we understand how to fix too much garlic, first things first the use of garlic is highly recommended not only chefs but at times by doctors also. Dating back the history Hippocrates suggested garlic useful for medical purposes. It contains multiples of uncountable benefits. If you are looking for a weight conscious diet you can use this wonderful garlic flavor without any worries as garlic is a low calories herb fills up with nutritionist content.

Garlic is a cure for illnesses like cold. It helps your body to fight against the cold by increasing the immune system of the body. Apart from that garlic helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body as it helps in reducing hypertension and blood pressure. So, it is like a blessing for heart patients.

Benefits of Garlic
Benefits of Garlic

Healthy diet not only includes weight reduction but a healthy diet is also more important when it comes to treat cardio vascular diseases. Intake of garlic keeps your heart muscle strengthful and active against all the diseases. Use of garlic is also a remedy for diabetes and cancer patients.

Garlic also aids in curing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease due to the presence of antioxidants. Garlic acts as a calcium lock that makes your bones stronger and healthier hence, it is calcium’s best friend. Because eating garlic increases the levels of estrogen in the women’s body. Garlic has some anti-inflammatory properties that create a soothing effect on injuries for e.g swellings.      

How to Fix too Much Garlic:

There are going to be a lot of simple ways through which you can get rid of your mistake of adding too much garlic in the recipe. If the garlic is present in chunky or clove forms so you can use a spoon for physical separation technique and in this way you can manually remove those thick garlic pieces to tone down the garlic flavor.

Fix too Much Garlic

But if they are completely absorbed or combined with your dish so below are some listed alternative techniques:

Use of Sweetener:

In contrast of the bitter taste here comes the sweet taste. So, in order to counterbalance the taste start adding small amounts of white or brown sugar it can be honey also. Keep checking the taste and add the small amounts in batches until you got the right desired taste for which you were worried for. This method is eligible for any type of recipe be it curry or stew or casserole.

Use of Salt:

If you are not willing to use sweetener in your dish due to maybe the nature of the dish will not support the use of sugar so well in that case you can salt. The saltier effect will slow down the bitterness. But while adding amount of salt needs vigilance. At times extra salt and extra garlic will ruin your dish if the amounts do not go well.   

Use of Extra Herbs and Spices:

The flavor of some spices or herbs can take the blame game on themselves by disguising your mistake. Adding some more flavors will start balancing out the extra bitterness in your dish. Here we don’t have to change the flavor or generate new flavor so in order to balance out the extra garlic, add herbs in few quantity and keep a check on flavor. Fresh herbs like parsley, oregano, basil, or mixed herbs can become a blessing for you at the moment.

Use of Acidic Ingredients:

Garlic is alkaline in nature so in order to neutralize the extra alkaline solution we can take help from acidic substances for example lime juice, vinegar or lemon. On a medium low heat when you are giving the final touch to your add drops of any acidic solution you wish for combine it well and taste it. You can select the acidic substance according to the type of dish also.

Use of Onions:

Garlic is the part of the onion family. Use of an onion can also do wonders, as it answers us on how to offset too much garlic. Onion is one of the go to ingredient will all types of dishes. Hence, add more onion will not only help solving your problem but it will also make the dish more flavorful. Onion has a natural little bit of sweetness in its taste. This is how you can dilute the saturation effect of extra garlic.

Use of Potato:

Potato is all time favorite vegetable. It is loved b everyone in all or any of the forms. Potato not only makes your messed up mood upright. But also adding a potato in a messed up dish can do a lot things right. So, here is another method on how to fix too much garlic. Potato’s starch welcomes all the extra aroma of the dish that makes it bitter. Hence, potato absorbs the entire extra garlic flavor.     

Use of Diary Ingredient:

Depending upon on the dish you are preparing you can also go for dressings made of diary cream for example Yogurt, buttermilk, cream cheese, mayonnaise. Like if you are making red sauce or white sauce paste and you found out that the garlicky flavor is all over your mouth leaving behind bitterness in that case you can add extra cream.

Alternatives on how to fix too much garlic includes use of milk. You can also go for adding types of milk it can be coconut milk or normal pasteurized milk. This will help in reducing the spicy garlic aroma in your dishes.

Leaving your Dish to Rest:

If you are not comfortable with adding anything extra in the dish due to may be your confidence got a bit shaking so no problem with that. Leave your dish preferably overnight the resting procedure will hopefully absorb the overpowering influence of garlicky aroma. This process happens due to heat remaining in your dish with gradually cook the bitterness of the garlic.

Use of Low Heat:

If you are in a hurry and cannot wait for overnight also do not want to add any extra ingredients so then you can simmer you dish on low heat for a long while. The simmering will boil out the excess raw and bitter garlic in your dish.

Use of High Heat:

For quick result, increase the level of your stove to 140 degrees and above. A greater accumulation of heat in your dish will denature the enzyme present in the garlic that is responsible for bitterness. This is how the garlicky intensity is neutralized

Use of Another Batch:

This is another million dollar technique in which you prepare your same dish but in small amounts which you ruined it due to extra garlic. For example how to fix too much garlic in spaghetti sauce ,add that new batch of sauce combined together with the old one. This will increase the quantity of food but obviously reduce the bitter or spicy garlic taste.

Use of Liquid Ingredients:

The due increased amount of garlic all you have to do is increase all the liquid ingredients of that dish for example add extra tomato paste, chicken stock, or mainly water. Make sure you cook the dish a little extra after adding more liquid this will dilute the garlic solution by boiling with the liquids and evaporating the rest.

Too Much Garlic Solution: step-by-step guide

Too Much Garlic Solution step-by-step guide

An intense pungent extra garlicky flavor can be overcome by multiple ingredients and methods. Below are some steps demonstrated for you step by step if you wish to use any of the methods practically on how to tone down garlic?

1) The moment you realize your food is containing ample amount of garlic which is going to be useless, do not panic.

2) Complete the procedure of the cooking, keep the dish on a low heat and let the food simmer.

3) Add water or any other liquid substance in your food and increase the flame; let the liquid boil in with your food uncovered.

4) Wait till come of the liquid starts to evaporate, taste your food. If still bitterness exists;

5) Add onion or potato or herbs or creamy ingredient or salt or sweetener; select the ingredient according to the type of dish.

6) Wait till the ingredient finally combines with your food evenly on a low medium heat. And Ta-Da you have fixed too much garlic like a pro in a best possible way.

Universal Tips:

If you have left your guests waiting at the dining table and after that, you found out your dish is still bitter due to extra garlic you added accidentally, then you are recommended to serve your dish with sidelines like boiled rice, bread, skinned potatoes or French fries, depending on the type of dish.

If your sauce has too much garlic then make some extra sauce without garlic and mix it with the old sauce combine is thorough. An ample amount of sauce may be made but no worries you can store the rest in the fridge.

If your salad, experienced the garlic attack because the lid of the garlic powder was open and a heap of garlic thrown in your salad bowl. And now there is too much garlic powder. Then you are advised to use extra raw vegetables in your salad, take good use of onion or potato. This will help in balancing out the flavor.

Adjust the garlicky flavor slowly and gradually. Do not add ingredient in one go and keep checking the taste of your dish. Apart from using higher temperatures you can use lower temperatures by using freezer. This is one of the slower processes but it even fades out the bitterness of your dish naturally. It adjusts all your flavors and gives a good mix of aroma.      


How to fix too much garlic was one of the most problematic questions back then but now it seems like the easiest task in this entire world. Now you can use garlic in your favorite dishes without any tension. It’s all about the artistic skills to combine two ingredients with a bit of patience and some fixing skills. It was always said that less amount can be fixed but too much quantity is difficult to fix. But here we are to prove it wrong.

I know this article is going to be a blessing for you because garlic lovers were left with tensed sad faces in place of smiles of satisfaction. And guess what, we are here to bring back your smiles. Cooking is not an easy task so ruining your meal is not what we are letting to happen. Cheers to all my garlic lovers.

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