How to Season a Ceramic Pan – Quick and Easy Guide

The question is how to season a ceramic pan, as an accurate technique will help in doing the right seasoning and making the most out of it. You are five steps away from getting the best non-stick properties out of your ceramics pan. Below are the following steps:

1. First of all, clean and rinse your pot thoroughly with dish soap and dry it.

2. Use of unsaturated fats is required, it can be in the form of oil for example canola oil, peanut oil etc but it should have high heating points. Dip your brush or sponge in it and apply evenly on the non-stick surface of your pot.

3. Place this nicely greased pot on the stove as some medium heat is required. Turn the pan occasionally to prevent oil pooling on the pan.

4. Let the heat be taken in by the oil and produces a smoke in result.

5. At that point remove your pan from the stove and let it cool, after cooling is done use kitchen towel to wipe of the excess oil.

The non-stick surface is all ready for your enhanced frying experience. No need of washing the pan until before using it.

Alternatives to Seasiong a Creamic Pan:

If you are not willing to use the stove in order to heat the oil, you can instead go for the oven or sunlight. For the oven preheat it from 250 to 350 degrees. Place the pan in the middle of the rack and leave it for an hour in the preheated oven. The rest of the procedure will remain the same.

For sunlight after greasing the pan place it in a brown shopper as direct sunlight is not preferable. Place that shopper under a sunny place and wait till the shopper gets warm; this procedure is slow so it might take days. The rest is the same.

Why is Ceramics Helpful?

Although ceramics do not lie under the category of metals, non-metals, or organic materials. But they have some out-class characteristics that make your kitchen hardware of ceramics very promising, due to high elastic modulus with low ductility. It also contains high resistance towards corrosion and weather or chemical attacks.

Ceramics pots do not react with any dangerous chemicals thus keeps the food chemical-free. It promotes healthy cooking as it requires less oil while frying or cooking. High heat resistant and with a lot of variety in styles and colors, brings a new life to your cookware. Your food is evenly heated and cooked with less effort required.

Ceramics sounds like a magical phenomenon that can solve a lot of your non-stick worries while frying until you know how to season a ceramic frying pan. The use of ceramics is possible due to the modernization in the industrial sector as it is one of the non-traditional cookware.

Why is Seasoning Important?

Cookware seasoning is a procedure that requires the use of heated fats or oil in order to increase the lifespan of your cookware, in order to reduce corrosion rate. Seasoning a ceramic pan prevents the non-stick coating to wither of quickly. It’s an everyday challenge to remove the fried egg from the pan without breaking the yoke and reaching at the workplace on time. Early morning making of eggs will be much easier if we look after the seasoning method.

Make it a necessity to always season ceramic pan for about until few months. To practice this seasoning method you will need the ceramic pot or pan, room temperature tap water, and soap that contain fewer chemical substances. Soft kitchen towel and a cooking oil mainly vegetable oil try not to use olive oil.

How to Care for Ceramics Pan?

You should consider seasoning the pan once every month as this will produce an effective permanent layer of seasoning on the non-stick coating of the pan. Apart from the seasoning of the ceramic pan, there are other notes that should be taken in order to look after the ceramic pan and its non-stick property in general.

How to Care for Ceramics Pan
How to Care for Ceramics Pan?

Avoid using sharp and harsh force on the non-stick surface. Scrubbing or scratching will reduce its non-stick lifespan. Uses of utensils that are contacting the surface of the pan are preferably made of silicone like spatula or plastic or can be wood too but not metals or stainless steel.

When you are using a seasoned pan, cook on low medium heat so that your seasoning does not burn. Do not change the levels of the heat drastically otherwise, it will damage the ceramic material.

Use of cooking sprays is prohibited as it may release some chemicals that will burn with the seasoning, producing a sticky substance and a smoke behind. Also ceramic pans are not dishwasher friendly as again dishwasher soap has some more effectively strong and sharp chemicals that may ruin the quality of your pan.

Getting washed with other utensils in hot water that is releasing with greater pressure may wither of the coating of the non-stick.

Do not store these piles of non-stick pans with other utensils or inside each other. After using the seasoned pan it needs to be washed thoroughly otherwise a brown protein layer will be formed on the non-stick coating.

Try to use an acidic product for example vinegar so that scrubbing of the pan is not required. Let that acidic substance be heated on that pan then scrub that vinegar with a soft sponge in circular movements with gentle hands.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Why olive oil or butter not useful for seasoning?

Ans: Butter or olive oil have low melting and heating points as it contains more fats which lower the rate of producing smoke.

Q.2: When do we need to re-season the pan?

Ans: You are required to re-season the pan after every six months or when your food starts to stick on the surface of the pan.

Q.3: Why ceramic pan may burn?

Ans: If you do not use a sufficient amount of oil while cooking or frying the seasoned fat will start to burn along with the food that you cooking.

Q.5: How long does ceramic cookware lasts?

Ans: If the pans are used with great care they can last till 5 years, otherwise they may not stay with you even within a year.


After going through this article I hope that now you can easily invest your money in your favorite ceramics pots and pans. As looking after the non-stick coat is no more a headache. How to season ceramic cookware is no more a problem. From making breakfast to cooking super you can enjoy the perks of non-stick property very effectively.

Your enhanced cooking experience will always lighten up your mood as cooking is one of the therapeutic activities. And we make sure you get your best therapy without any hurdles. Happy cooking!    

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