What Can I Use Instead of Dutch Oven?

The Dutch oven is said to be multi-purpose cookware. It can be put on the stovetop and in the oven too. This means that if your cooking journey contains some complications like shifting your food from the stovetop to the oven and vice versa then this dutch oven can prove to be the best eraser of all these complications.

Even though this type of cookware has won the hearts of numerous chefs but still people look for alternatives. Here we are going to answer a simple question “What can I use instead of dutch oven?” This question might seem like a math problem where you are asked to find 𝑥 although it is nowhere to be found!!

Apart from this it does have some drawbacks too. Most of you reading this article might not be able to fit the dutch oven in your budget and therefore it can be said that this cookware is not affordable for all. Looking for dutch oven substitutes? But before we jump to the point it is necessary for you to be fully aware with the whereabouts of the dutch oven.

What is a Dutch Oven?

Dutch oven has been ruling over the markets for cookware across the globe. People have been making use of this kitchenware since a long time and are completely satisfied with the material of which it is made. Manufactured with the help of cast iron, it is large enough to feed your family.

It is usually round in shape with a tight lid over it. The lid might be heavy but it helps in keeping the moisture. Once heated at high temperature, they carry the ability to retain the heat and keep your stews and roast hot for a long time. You either call this oven a slow cooker or a crockpot. We call this dutch oven a slow cooker because it is best for slow-cooked meals and take a long time in the cooking process. Therefore the dutch oven alternatives would also be slow cookers.

What to Use Instead of Dutch Oven?

Below is the list of all the breathtaking alternatives. BEWARE: You might get some shocks when you will find alternatives so like the dutch ovens but way more cheaper!!

French Oven:

This oven is just a new version of the dutch oven and carries almost the same features. The size and the shape is the same is French and dutch oven.

As every man-made creation has some flaws so this French oven can also said to be less durable. And it also it cannot be taken while you are camping. The camp fire can harm your cookware, but do not forget that it is easier to clean and to take care of this French oven.


This was the first alternative of dutch oven which came into the market and this is why sometimes dutch oven themselves are called crockpots. The inner pot attached is made up of stoneware and is like any other slow cooker.

You will not have to rush while cooking instead you can set the desired temperature and binge watch on Netflix without worrying about your chicken roast. You can set it on the required temperature and chill till your food is ready; this is what slow cooking is.


If you are using the stockpot in the oven then 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit will make you feel like you are cooking in a dutch oven. It demands a frequent check on the liquid levels to make sure it is according to the requirement.

This cookware allows you to simmer your delicious and tasty sauce. Slow cooking is the best thing you can do in this kitchen ware of yours.

Such type of pots have tall walls encircling your ingredients. This actually means that you will be able to cook large volume of sauces or soup in this way you will not have to look for a large pot deep in the cabinet.     

Tagine pot:

If you take an inside look you will spot a bottom pan that makes sure that all the contents you pour in your pot get an equal amount of heat. In this slow cooking, you can sautée vegetables or pieces of your favorite white meat under its conical lid.

It traps the moisture within itself and does not let the flavor of your ingredients escape. This eventually makes your dishes tempting.

Instant pot:

This pot has just been introduced to its peers (other alternatives of dutch oven) and is new in the market of dutch oven-like-pots. You can prepare all of those dishes which were possible to be made in the dutch oven.

You just have to add the ingredients and rest on a nearby cozy sofa. According to some users this instant pot is able to cook food 30 percent faster than other pots and pans. This is completely because of the electric pressure which can heat the food at hotter temperatures. Not just this but you will not have to keep a check on the liquid content as in an instant pot the rate of evaporation is really very low.

Electric tabletop fryer:

If you like deep-fried cheese balls or crusted fried soft-boiled eggs then we would surely suggest you to bring this electric tabletop fryer at your home. If we compare it with the dutch oven then this fryer will prove to be more cost-effective. Not just this but there are many other glass-breaking features in it. You can easily control the temperature and also contains odor filters which help to trap the typical frying odor.

Air Fryer:

You are struggling to diet? No worries, we have the best alternative for you. When using the dutch oven for deep frying you might see yourself getting covered with numerous blankets of fats. The air fryer is entirely different cookware in the market equal to a wonderful treat for those who have got fed up of checking their weight on the weighing scale.

This fryer contains a fan that throws hot air on your food being fried. Your favorite apple pies will not only get fried but will also treat you with a crispy outer layer. The enjoyment of eating some crispy apple pies will cost you nothing this time. Just one air fryer and not fat!!

Clay pot:

This clay pot is covered with a conical lid which does not let the liquid to evaporate. Whatever evaporates gets condensed and then slides back. This whole process is known as self-basting which keeps your food moisturized. The same process happens in the dutch oven too.

A cast iron dutch oven with no enamel is almost the same as a clay pot with no glazing. This fact proves that both of the cookwares are not different and function almost in the same way.


The difference between the dutch oven and the braiser is just the height of the walls and the circumference. Other than this there is no other difference between both of them.

You will be able to cook all of those dishes which dutch oven carriers can enjoy cooking in their dutch oven. So, enjoy!!

Pyrex Glass Casserole:

We can’t guarantee that this Pyrex glass casserole will act completely like a dutch oven but a few differences will surely not make a huge impact on your cooking.

It will not be able to resist high temperatures and high heat pressures but you can make all those dishes that are possible to be made in a dutch oven. It also has the ability to withstand thermal shocks which means you can put it in a microwave too!! If you take care of it in a correct manner then you will find it scratch-resistant and totally hygienic.

Casserole Dish:

It can carry a great volume of your food expected to be cooked because of its depth. It is covered with a lid which can be tightly fixed over this cookware.

It demands a little more effort from you. You will have to sear before pouring all the ingredients because a direct heat contact can harm your dish. There are different materials out of which these are manufactured and this is the reason why we suggest you to avoid open flames.


The above-mentioned air fryer and the electric top fryer are no doubt the best ones for deep frying but wok has also proved to be one of the bests. Most of you reading this would have a wok at their homes and if you have one so you are lucky enough!! Blow the dust off your wok and get ready for a small session of deep-frying. You might be wondering that can wok be used for deep frying.

Lets answer this question for you. There are numerous advantages of using this cookware for deep frying. The side walls of a wok are made in such a way so as to keep your kitchen clean from splashes of oil. Not just this but the water vapor that is released during frying will also vanish in the air at a faster rate because of a wider surface area.

We hope that you have managed to figure that what to use if you don’t have a dutch oven. Happy searching!!  

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